Flash forward 5 years: I was engaged to be married, and expecting a baby. Like many pregnant women, the internet was my tool for information, and i soon stumbled apon a pregnancy chatroom. I returned to that chatroom the next day, and found that many of the same people had been coming back for months, […]

So, how do you know if you are a social media addict? Well, there are all kind of studies on addiction and books on why they occur. I believe that like most addictions in life, you know when you have a problem, whether you admit it or not. My biker in the intersection was re-tweeted […]

You can’t take a ride on the T or walk Quincy market without seeing someone reading intently or typing away. We have become so dependent on e-mail and other PDA applications that more than 1 million Bostonians are addicted to it. Additionally, a techneck considers his or her op-ed pieces to be journalistic genius soon […]