6 Tips On How To Cure An Internet Addiction

You can’t take a ride on the T or walk Quincy market without seeing someone reading intently or typing away. We have become so dependent on e-mail and other PDA applications that more than 1 million Bostonians are addicted to it.

Additionally, a techneck considers his or her op-ed pieces to be journalistic genius soon to be discovered by the world, and his or her comments on politics or religion to be the all of end all intelligence. I mean, who’s going to argue with them?

Turn it off. When you’re done with the computer, shut it off. If you have to wait for the computer to boot up every time you want to use it, there will be less temptation to use it.

While talking with your partner, be sure to set boundaries that both of you are comfortable with. For example: no form of technology while eating dinner or between a certain time frame. We’ve all heard it said, a television is not suppose to be in the bedroom. Maybe that same thinking goes for the laptop and blackberry too. Be sure to make clear acceptable boundaries with your partner. It’s hard to break old habits, your partner might need to be reminded of the boundaries from time to time.

Use a timing program to help limit your time online. There are many of these available for download online. It will help you track how long you’re online and sites you’ve been to. Just set a time limit for each time you get on the computer.

Once you’ve figured out why your online and how much you’re online, you can begin to modify your behavior. To begin dealing with smartphone addiction cut back online time. If you need to use a timer.

In addition to regular soda addictions, fans of diet soda are at just as much risk. According to Denise Mann, who is reporting for CNN, diet soda is an addiction that can be very serious. A survey of diet soda drinkers showed they average 26 ounces on a daily basis, or more than two cans per day. There are even many addicts who can put away as many as two liters of diet soda per day.

Because none of us would be here if babies didn’t happen, it doesn’t seem like it can be addiction, but some women can actually become addicted to becoming pregnant and having children. As reported on with Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, the addiction left her delusional enough to think she could care for fourteen children. Samantha Chang, the Celebrity Fitness and Health Examiner, has more.