6 Tips To Start Beating Internet Addiction

Once you’ve cut back on online time and found a more effective way of coping, think about building offline relationships. Take time each week to go out and do things you enjoy.

“Switch-off” your brain after 9 pm, which means switch-off TV / computer / cell phones / video games, which are sending sound & light waves to the brain.

Love of thy Laptop – You get done with your errands whether going shopping, dropping off the dry cleaning, or mowing the lawn. What is the first thing you do? You race to the lap top to see what happened when you were busy doing real things.

This was before web-based piracy, pedophiles, and plagiarism. The internet was a window into an unknown land, where voyeurism and multiple identities were intoxicating to a lonely teenager. For me, it was the age of the chatroom.

Set Reasonable Goals. What you want to do is structured your sessions online by setting reasonable goals. Instead of saying all beyond computer for 30 hours a week, set more realistic goal of 15 hours for example. Doing this will help organized your time.

Similar to the above, technology in any form can be addicting, and teens are very susceptible to it, as reported on by Parenting Teens. They found that of all technology addictions, including video games and cell phones, that the internet itself was the number one addiction. Younger children are especially vulnerable to smartphone addiction trouble as they can be the main targets of identity theft and other online predators.

These are white collar people is seeking a way to go around their situation in fast! However, they don’t realize that by signing with those gyms or fitness centers only masking their problems. If they excluded their bad habit when dealing with life style disease, all those gyms or fitness won’t even be paid off!