6 Tips To Start Beating Internet Addiction

Yes, you read that right. People can actually become addicted to eating frozen water, which even has its own name: pagophagia. However, far more than a bizarre food addiction, pagophagia can actually be an indicator for iron deficiency anemia. Check out this blog post by Kevin MD with more.

You too must know if you have any kind of external dependency that is preventing you from breaking your habit. Don’t run away, if you want to escape, then go ahead, but escape forward instead of backwards.

Now being a techneck is much worse than being a redneck, simply because rednecks at least have the common sense to go to bed! Technecks, on the other hand, think of sleep as a rude interruption to their flow of creative energy, the importance of which is earth shattering to be sure.

Also known as “Crackberry,” this addiction often involves a Blackberry, iPhone, or other mobile device that leaves its user disconnected from the real world. In fact, the addictions can be so severe that users experience symptoms if they go for more than a few minutes without them.

They need to deal with excessive abuse of alcohol and drug! And check this out! Even internet can lead you for having a disorder without you realizing it. Yup, that’s right! smartphone addiction is now officially the most modern life style disease.

So perhaps the internet is a blessing – if you aren’t tethered to it night and day! So how many hours do you spend at the keyboard? If you feel some carpal tunnel creeping in, eyes watering, blurred vision, and find yourself checking emails every 30 seconds, then.

Remember that the Internet is a tool used for communication and information. It is not our master. We are the ones who pay the Internet fees and just a few short years ago almost none of us even thought about the world that exists online!

Even if i would have kept up with reading the newsreader everyday, that’s still somewhere between 50-100 blog posts a day to read. At first, those subscriptions served the purpose of keeping me in the loop for a few different fields I was interested in, namely web design, web development, programming, and the Packers. Now they are just remnants of something that started me on my path towards information addiction and subsequently, information overload.