Eating is a big addiction in our country today and this one is very hard to treat. Abstinence is big part of treatment when it comes to addiction. But how do you abstain from something that is life sustaining? There are certain foods that cause cravings in some people and these cravings will often lead […]

This past fall, quite a few stories emerged in the press about the Amazon Kindle 2 & DX, Sony Readers and Barnes & Noble Nook. Seeing that I enjoy reading books and am quite enthusiastic about all types of computers and electronics, my research into e-Readers grew from hours into weeks of research. Then when […]

People Time – There is an addiction in process if you prefer to spend time logged on to the computer rather than play with the children or spend some quality time with your spouse or significant other. Perhaps the surfing involves chat rooms, gaming, or drifting from forum to forum. The internet can be a […]