Everything and everybody is online. The internet is the place people go to when they want to connect with friends, book a plane ticket, see a TV show or even get their teeth fixed. Nearly 3 billion people are on the internet world over, and more and more of them are using the internet for […]

With social media, the signs are quite easy to recognize. If you choose to tweet or post something before and after most events in your life, you are probably addicted. If you would rather engage online rather than in real life, you are probably addicted. Could it really be that simple? Try not posting for […]

Once you’ve cut back on online time and found a more effective way of coping, think about building offline relationships. Take time each week to go out and do things you enjoy. “Switch-off” your brain after 9 pm, which means switch-off TV / computer / cell phones / video games, which are sending sound & […]