Smartphone Addiction & Cases

Supportive Group Meet Up. This is about getting together with others who are struggling with the same problems. You’ll find out you’re not really alone. By talking with others with similar issues, you’ll learn strategies on how better overcome this addiction. Look at local bulletin boards for support groups in your area such as a […]

While talking with your partner, be sure to set boundaries that both of you are comfortable with. For example: no form of technology while eating dinner or between a certain time frame. We’ve all heard it said, a television is not suppose to be in the bedroom. Maybe that same thinking goes for the laptop […]

If we all need food to live, how can it become an addiction? Dr. Mark Hyman discusses the obesity epidemic and how a food addiction can be part of that. He also discusses which foods are more prone to addiction. It is okay to have a life outside of the Internet, it just means that […]