Channel 90

We have all done our best to stop it, we have all felt the pain of the emotions that arises from doing what we don’t want to do, but yet, very few of us have succeeded, do you know why?

You too must know if you have any kind of external dependency that is preventing you from breaking your habit. Don’t run away, if you want to escape, then go ahead, but escape forward instead of backwards.

Involving others in your quest to better your life can be incredibly helpful. This works really well if the other person is interested in breaking bad habits too. If you both want to give up the same vice, you can work together and encourage one another. Approach it as though you are each others coach. Agree to give pep talks and have rewards for all the milestones the two of you hit. This can provide all the incentive you need to really succeed and the best part of it is that youll have someone there who understands exactly what you are feeling.

You have no control on the amount of time you spend online. You just don’t seem to be able to limit yourself. Hours often slip by while you’re online.

I’ve developed an idea in my head that i need this information. I need to keep searching and traveling the interwebs, learning about new ideas and concepts and tools. But in reality, I only need what is important for making sure I can be happy and can make people around me happy.