How To Conquer Internet Addiction

Eating is a big addiction in our country today and this one is very hard to treat. Abstinence is big part of treatment when it comes to addiction. But how do you abstain from something that is life sustaining? There are certain foods that cause cravings in some people and these cravings will often lead to binge eating. The foods that are most often the biggest culprits are sugar and highly processed carbs. The best way to avoid this is to abstain from eating these foods. The problem comes from identifying the specific foods that cause the cravings.

Rule #1 is to not condemn yourself. You are not alone. There is such a prevalence of Internet addicts that several countries are now opening smartphone addiction clinics!

Other people choose to contribute differently. Let’s say you are on the graphics committee, then contribute a couple of graphics a week at least. On the welcoming committee? Sign a dozen guestbooks each Saturday. Just a plain old member and not on any committees? Then pick something that the group needs, perhaps a different thing each week, and contribute it.

So perhaps the internet is a blessing – if you aren’t tethered to it night and day! So how many hours do you spend at the keyboard? If you feel some carpal tunnel creeping in, eyes watering, blurred vision, and find yourself checking emails every 30 seconds, then.

There are many reasons why we become addicted; the fun of chatting, playing games, or sometimes just reading news and meeting people, building connections as we call it. While the Internet has many advantages, because it has become a mean to access knowledge, many of us resort to the Internet for other reasons. More importantly the internet is being used to fill a gap in our lives. As the Internet keeps developing, we are spending more time online. The internet is a way to escape our boredom and loneliness.

Supportive Group Meet Up. This is about getting together with others who are struggling with the same problems. You’ll find out you’re not really alone. By talking with others with similar issues, you’ll learn strategies on how better overcome this addiction. Look at local bulletin boards for support groups in your area such as a 12-step program.

Striking out at Others – Yes, I am guilty of this too. And yes, I do get a temporary relief of frustration and anger for a couple of minutes, but the cost we pay at the end of the day after lashing out at someone is catastrophic. Why do we lash out at others? Mainly because we cannot vent at the real source, so in Freudian terms, we “displace” our anger on someone else. Our aggression is always caused by frustration. Although we have a temporary release of emotional tension, the interpersonal problems which this brings about only increases stress on a large scale.

Take Inventory. Having awareness is vital. Ask yourself: “What am I missing from my life by spending too much time on Internet?” Then go ahead and write down your thoughts. Believe me, you’ll be surprised what you could be doing instead. You could be spending time with loved ones, with friends, working on a hobby or skill. By making that list and being aware, you’ll feel more productive and proud of yourself. Don’t waste life.