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What You Didnt Know About the Top Addictive Drugs across the Globe

There is a steady rise in the level of drug addiction, causing more deaths and other severe effects annually. Some states have legalized the use of some drugs, but it can be dangerous if its overdosed. There is a complete contrast between the reports of various scientists about the effects of certain drugs. You should be careful to avoid the long term effects of continuous use of the addictive drugs such as death. Read on to learn some of the little-known facts about addictive drugs around the world.

Note that heroin was once sold as over the counter just like today we buy painkillers OTC. Dating back to 1898, heroin was considered to be a very effective cough suppressant. A few years later, it was prohibited because doctors found out that it was more addictive compared to morphine. The other fact you should note is that although smoking is legal, two-thirds of those who smoke become addicted. It is known that exposure to tobacco causes a powerful surge in the endorphins hence the dependency.

Indonesia, Bolivia, and Cameroon are some of the countries where there is no age restriction for alcohol consumption despite the massive number of people that alcohol kills every year. Averagely the legal drinking age ranges from between 10 to 21. In the 90s, there was a movement in fashion photography known as heroin chic which featured models who looked as if they were on drugs. Former president Bill Clinton banned images promoting heroin chic, after the death of Davide Sorrenti, a famous photographer in 1997.

The number of people killed by prescription drugs is higher than the number of people killed by illegal drugs. In a country like the united states, t was reported that fentanyl and hydrocodone caused more than 17,00 deaths in 2017. Besides, you should note that nicotine is highly toxic. However, tobacco products dont contain enough nicotine to cause a fatal overdose since smokers only inhale around one milligram of nicotine per cigarette.

In Russia, desomorphine, which might not be well known, is causing a lethal epidemic. Because of its highly addictive nature and the high price of heroin, there is another version called Krokodil. It causes the skin of users to rot in record time. Lastly, it is worth noting that eye color may influence alcohol addiction. Depending on the generic link, two different people may have varying addiction to alcohol. It is arguably true that light-eyed Americans of European descent consume alcohol more than dark-eyed Americans of European descent.