Smartphone Addiction Already?

Supportive Group Meet Up. This is about getting together with others who are struggling with the same problems. You’ll find out you’re not really alone. By talking with others with similar issues, you’ll learn strategies on how better overcome this addiction. Look at local bulletin boards for support groups in your area such as a 12-step program.

The “now’ addiction to the net and social media has moved from the workplace, home, and coffee shop to everyplace imaginable. If i was a therapist I would begin a specialty in this new domain. Fewer than 20% of Americans (though it seems like 90% in some places) are using smart-phones today. In two short years this will exceed 50%. We are all very engaged in our wireless devices but when they give every other one of us broadband instant access to all our social networks and every other mobile websites, well, it should be very good news if you’re an insurance company or a counselor.

At first glance, one might think sitting on couch cushions was the addiction and an understandable one. However, a blogger at Socialhype is actually reporting on a woman who loves to eat the fibers contained in the cushions. The woman is so addicted that it is speculated she has consumed seven entire couches and two chairs.

One of the most effective methods to overcome smartphone addiction is to think about what else you can by doing. Think about other things that you would like to do, other things that you are interested in. Write them down and allocate some time each day to take part in different activities.

In addition to regular soda addictions, fans of diet soda are at just as much risk. According to Denise Mann, who is reporting for CNN, diet soda is an addiction that can be very serious. A survey of diet soda drinkers showed they average 26 ounces on a daily basis, or more than two cans per day. There are even many addicts who can put away as many as two liters of diet soda per day.

These are white collar people is seeking a way to go around their situation in fast! However, they don’t realize that by signing with those gyms or fitness centers only masking their problems. If they excluded their bad habit when dealing with life style disease, all those gyms or fitness won’t even be paid off!

Pushing the Limits – The inability to limit your usage online is clearly a sign of addiction. You shout down the hall that you are almost done to your family and another hour goes by before you shut down the machine. This is bad, very bad.