Smartphone Addiction Already?

Ever since the drive to the local video store became too much of a hassle, Netflix and other movie on demand services have become the norm in how Americans rent movies. One of the bloggers at Open Forum discusses how these business models can actually be converted into useful practices.

Admit you have a problem. Addicts can’t be helped unless and until they realize they have a problem and admit to it. The first step to any recovery program is admitting that you are powerless over the addiction.

Sometimes the key to stopping a particular activity is replacing it with something new. If you are accustomed to smoking at a certain time everyday, maybe during your coffee or lunch break at work, talk a walk outside instead. Not only will this help with breaking bad habits, but it may result in the extra benefit of you getting in better shape. If you arent feeling energetic you can always use the time to read a book, or make a list of things you need to do. Anything that can take your mind away from the habit you are hoping to break is a step in the right direction.

Shopping, eating and internet use are probably 3 of the most prevalent types of addiction at the current time. The internet and television have made it much easier to be a shopaholic. You can sit in the comfort of your home and surf the web or watch the home shopping networks and your merchandise is only a mouse click or a phone call away. And the television shows especially, know how to appeal to the impulse buyer. Having worked for a credit card company, it was very easy to pick out the online and shopping network buyers. The major consequences of this type addiction are overwhelming debt and clutter.

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to stay off of all of the social media sites I go to everyday during the week. I will only let myself go to those sites on Sundays, generally mine and everyone else’s laziest day of the week. The other six days of the week, I will only work on the projects I have in my head and on paper, write on this blog (this might entail a little bit of internet research, but I’ll keep it limited as i have a few pretty good topics in my head that i really would like to write about, and I’m really starting to like writing on this thing, so I’ll let this one slip), and keep on pushing towards making a better living for myself and the people around me.

My traffic numbers were still really low so I bought AdWords Pay per click targeting Nook and Kindle users. Google Analytics showed a spike in traffic so my daily budget of .00 went up to .00 per day, then .00. By Christmas, I was almost broke again but made some affiliate income & had tiny revenue from Adsense.

Similar to the above, technology in any form can be addicting, and teens are very susceptible to it, as reported on by Parenting Teens. They found that of all technology addictions, including video games and cell phones, that the internet itself was the number one addiction. Younger children are especially vulnerable to smartphone addiction trouble as they can be the main targets of identity theft and other online predators.

Set a time limit. First, start slowly decreasing the amount of time that you are on the net. For example, if you are on the net for eight hours a day, decrease it to seven hours a day. Every day or every other day, decrease your time by an hour. Giving up your addiction a little at a time will be a lot easier for you than just giving it up all at once. Next, set a certain time of the day (or night) to be on the internet. For example, everyday from 7 – 8 p.m. you can use the computer. To help yourself not go over the time you have allotted, use an egg timer. As soon as you hear the buzzer, log off. It doesn’t matter what you are doing-log off! Physically remove yourself from the computer. Eventually you will be able to live your life without letting Internet control your time.