Top 12 Time Management And Productivity Tips

This past fall, quite a few stories emerged in the press about the Amazon Kindle 2 & DX, Sony Readers and Barnes & Noble Nook. Seeing that I enjoy reading books and am quite enthusiastic about all types of computers and electronics, my research into e-Readers grew from hours into weeks of research. Then when I got a chance to play around with a Sony Touch Reader, something clicked in my mind, that digital reading and ebooks will be the next major social trend after 2010. That is when my self education with web design began and i got started building my first website with e-Reader content.

When you are happy, your will-power becomes strong, but when you get disappointed it decreases and becomes weak. When you’re at the top of your achievements your will-power may be an iron one, but when you hit the bottom, your will-power gets down to the minimum level.

Another difference is that a techneck doesn’t know who his or her neighbors are! He/she might sneak a peak as they pull into their garage, or barbeque something in their back yard, but the techie wants nothing to do with in-your-face personal relationships except of course on Facebook where a techneck will have at least ten thousand friends all of which are techies too, which make the impersonal communications so much more delicious.

A lot of my friends know about my random ideas that i have constantly. I call my girlfriend a few times a week telling her about my new million dollar idea. But i never do anything about them. Or at least I haven’t yet.

So we might suggest that a techneck suffers an addiction. When a normal person is accused of addiction, like in “smartphone addiction,” they will rationally agree to cut back in their usage. But not a techneck, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” (at least 5 gigs). Technecks are ready to sacrifice their health, their wealth, their wife, their husband, their partner, their kids! and anything else that separates them from cyberspace. I mean, after all, what else is there?

Well, then please contribute. This is actually very important to the survival of a group. People need to put in effort. They will find that effort magnified many times. That’s the beauty of these groups! If everyone does just a little bit every day or once a week or whatever, then it’s magnified by the number of people in the group. You get each person in a hundred member group to sign one guestbook per day randomly, that’s 100 guestbooks per day, or over 36,500 per year! That’s a lot of guestbooks!

It is okay to have a life outside of the Internet, it just means that you have your priorities straight. Let’s be honest: What are the odds of you actually meeting all of those people you hang out with on the forums? Don’t condemn yourself however! Some of my closest friends are people I have never met, and some of your friends may be as well! It is easier to relax and be yourself online knowing that you have not met and probably never will meet that person you’ve spent hours with debating nosehair remedies! We’ve all done it, we all will continue to do it – the trick is to not allow our physical lives to suffer for the sake of our online existence!

Everyone knows they should read more, but is there such a thing as reading too much? According to Reading Addiction, the short answer is yes. A reading addict can harm themselves by spending too much time reading instead of connecting with the real world. It is when the habit keeps people from facing reality that it becomes an addiction.