Top 12 Time Management And Productivity Tips

So, how do you know if you are a social media addict? Well, there are all kind of studies on addiction and books on why they occur. I believe that like most addictions in life, you know when you have a problem, whether you admit it or not.

My biker in the intersection was re-tweeted in my mind when reading a recent Washington Post article. Two billion mobile apps downloaded to date, another 5 billion apps will be downloaded by 2013. Physically we are in the present; mentally we in the digital data stream. And when we stay fixed for a moment in the “now”, it’s not for long.

This isn’t commonly thought of as a food, unless you have this bizarre addiction. A man in Ohio is addicted to eating glass and doesn’t even do it as part of some show. Environmental Graffiti has more and even a video.

If it does, then you probably have an internet obsession. It can be a symptom of depression, because you are finding ways to avoid having to do any work. A penchant for obsessions is a sign of depression, and smartphone addiction is another problem. More and more people are losing sleep and jobs to the internet as they find it harder and harder to get offline. So how do you do it?

Once you’ve cut back on online time and found a more effective way of coping, think about building offline relationships. Take time each week to go out and do things you enjoy.

Ever since the drive to the local video store became too much of a hassle, Netflix and other movie on demand services have become the norm in how Americans rent movies. One of the bloggers at Open Forum discusses how these business models can actually be converted into useful practices.

I was driving a few weeks ago and saw an all too familiar sight. An oblivious biker riding through a cross walk, during a snowstorm at rush hour, and scrolling through his smart phone apps. Checking for the location of the nearest hospital, I thought? Perhaps he may want to bookmark that site with some really special icon. All this distraction before the real evolution of location-based media. Maybe he just really needed a sanity checkup for Smart-phone Addicts.