What Does Addiction Mean To You?

If we all need food to live, how can it become an addiction? Dr. Mark Hyman discusses the obesity epidemic and how a food addiction can be part of that. He also discusses which foods are more prone to addiction.

It is okay to have a life outside of the Internet, it just means that you have your priorities straight. Let’s be honest: What are the odds of you actually meeting all of those people you hang out with on the forums? Don’t condemn yourself however! Some of my closest friends are people I have never met, and some of your friends may be as well! It is easier to relax and be yourself online knowing that you have not met and probably never will meet that person you’ve spent hours with debating nosehair remedies! We’ve all done it, we all will continue to do it – the trick is to not allow our physical lives to suffer for the sake of our online existence!

You have no control on the amount of time you spend online. You just don’t seem to be able to limit yourself. Hours often slip by while you’re online.

Each group has a set of bylaws (rules and regulations) and most have a creed, which is the mission statement describing what the group is supposed to accomplish. For example, Random Acts Of Kindness exists to do exactly what the name implies: deliver acts of kindness to people. This could consist of guestbook signings, articles, giving stationary or gifts, or any number of other small, thoughtful things to do.

Another factor is will-power misuse. Will-power should be channeled to the correct destination instead of being wasted somewhere else. Will-power misuse is like trying to break through a wall instead of opening the door using the knob. An example of will power misuse is when you suddenly become very enthusiastic then run to do a certain task until you get bored. To channel your will-power correctly, write down a plan when you are enthusiastic instead of quitting a habit for three days then returning back from where you started.

The internet can be a good and healthy tool, as well as way of spending time. When the internet begins to take over your life or you can’t stop thinking about it, you’re on your way to smartphone addiction.

My biker in the intersection was re-tweeted in my mind when reading a recent Washington Post article. Two billion mobile apps downloaded to date, another 5 billion apps will be downloaded by 2013. Physically we are in the present; mentally we in the digital data stream. And when we stay fixed for a moment in the “now”, it’s not for long.