Why Work With a Xero Gold Partner?

Running a business can pose some serious challenges, especially for those who are new to the world of management and commerce. Thankfully, there are plenty of experts out there who can offer help. Read on to find out about the Xero Specialists Dendra Accounting Group and how they can help small to mid-sized businesses grow and thrive.

Introducing Xero

Xero is an impressive, comprehensive cloud-based software solution for business owners. Its comprehensiveness means that it can be somewhat complicated, though, which is why contacting a Xero specialist may be a good idea. This will allow business owners to get training in how to use the software, assistance with moving data over and setting up applications on the cloud, and advice on how to use its many integrated apps and functions to add value to any business.

Xero Gold Partners

Xero classifies its partner firms as either starter, bronze, silver, gold, or platinum. Getting to the level of a Gold Partner requires a good deal of time and dedication. Status is assigned based on a points system that reflects both the number of customers these partner firms are assisting and how complex their cases are.

Firms that have a Gold Partner status only have it because they have already established a history of helping customers learn the program and meet their needs. Business owners looking for help getting set up with Xero shouldn’t settle for less.

Up-To-Date Information

Not only does Xero periodically get software updates, but its parent company is constantly improving it to offer more comprehensive business assistance. Xero Gold Partners have only been awarded that status thanks to their abilities to keep up-to-date not just with software changes but also with changes in government legislation, taxes, and other relevant fields.

Better Than a Personal Accountant

When business owners hire a full-time accountant, they only get access to one professional’s advice and knowledge. When they trust a Xero Gold Partner with helping them make accounting decisions, they get access to an entire team of certified advisors.

These advisors can offer more than just accounting help, too. They can act as business mentors, helping their customers figure out what areas of their businesses need to be improved if they are to grow and thrive.